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Magic Weapon Mobile Fire

Magic Weapon Mobile Fire

Magic Weapon Mobile Fire

Italy – Mobile certainly not worthy of suspicion and almost all people now mudik carried downstream. This seems the responses in the Italian Mafia kingpin make pistol shaped exactly like a mobile phone to fool the police.

DetikINET quoted from the Telegraph, on Thursday (27/11/2008), the Italian police seize weapons in the shape of a mobile phone catch against geng local Mafia.

Glance, this looks like mobile phone, in general, complete with screen, keypad and key antenna. However, in fact, the phone is the pistol that can be filled with four 22 caliber cartridge that is hidden behind the screen palsunya.

So that they can be used as a pistol, mobile phone keypad abal-abal the movable enough alone. Meanwhile, for shooting, simply pressed a button on the phone is the trigger.

“This is the first time such a mobile phone and be more shows canggihnya criminal syndicates,” said information from Italian police.

When be, a mobile phone cartridge pistol has been fully prepared and used to attack off. Penggerebekan geng Mafia was the police in the area of Naples, southern Italy.

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